Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nurgle Palanquin (and Lord) Finally Done!

Both squads of Plague Marines and the newly completed Lord on Palanquin pair.

by Rich K.

The Holidays have really bitten into my 40k time but I was finally able to finish the Palanquin for my Nurgle Lord this past weekend.

I got a game in last weekend and was able to grab the artifact with this guy.  The Palanquin is great!  He took a good amount of fire and just shrugged it off.

I've found that a non-white back ground works better for my picture taking efforts.  It seems to allow the colors to do their thing.  The washes don't show up very well, though.  For example, the eyes on the Palanquin are washed in Baal Red to give a pink-eye effect but that still doesn't come through on the photos.

Due to the mechanized look of the thing, I think I might be able to use it as a "counts-as" bike for the lord, too.  I've been sorta wanting to use bikes since the new CSM book.  I hate the look of them, but they look like they'll be good on the table.

Googly-eyed!  The face could maybe use some more work... I don't know what, though.

The pustules are washed in Baal Red and Devlen Mud, but again, it just doesn't show.

The horse rib cages from the WFB Tomb Kings chariot worked out pretty well, I think.  That's a great kit for grabbing bits from.

The Lord photos came out much better with the darker background.

Next I have to move on to finishing my DKoK traitor guard.

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