Friday, December 28, 2012

Good News, Everyone!

The day has arrived!  I finally received the parts necessary for about 50 Tentacle Maker Tool Boxes.  But, I still have to clean them, assemble them, and sticker them.  This lot should allow me to fill all of the back orders within the next week or so.  Remember, I'll be filling the back orders from oldest to newest.  So, if you've ordered recently, you likely have a little less than a week or so before your order ships.  Oldest orders should begin shipping on or about January 1... give or take.

Unfortunately, filling said back orders will leave me with virtually no stock again.  I have another order in to my machinist already, but as you may have gathered, when they arrive is not something I can predict (damn his bargain pricing!).  Until I get my stock up to normal again, my 4-6 week ship time will have to stay in effect.

I'm sorry I haven't been as communicative as I typically am.  I've been away due to the holidays and couldn't really manage things as closely as I would have liked.  By the way...

Belated Happy Holidays!!!

Once again, thank you very much for your patience!

In other news...

The (in)famous Goatboy contacted me a few weeks ago to see if I needed any artwork done.  As it happened, I did.  You may have noticed the banner above, which I really love, but also please take a look below at the mascot art he did for GSI.

As always, GSI welcomes any ideas for guest submissions.  Please feel free to contact me at...


... with any ideas you would like to put forward.  Thanks!


  1. woohoo - Can't wait to get ahold of mine to do a terrible heldrake conversion!!! I CAN'T STOP!

    I am glad you liked the art :).

    1. I'll be sending yours sometime before Monday. Make sure you post some pictures of it!


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