Sunday, August 25, 2013

This Weeks WIPs

by Novus

I've started to paint the Helbug, finally, which has me greatly appreciating my airbrush.

I'm going for a more natural look to this model than you would expect for a Heldrake counts-as... I imagine it's just a humble little beetle that has been made titanic by the warp and enhanced by the twisted mind of a Warpsmith.  It's now out looking for revenge for all its squashed ancestors!

I did finally mount the power plants and I finished green stuffing the wings.  The wing covers are sorta floppy in the photo because the bracket that holds them in place is sitting out on the table.

Here's the two previous posts for the Helbug: Part 1 and Part 2.

Another thing I've been working on this week is my Vendetta....

The pre-shading came out pretty good.  I decided to dry brush the engines instead of airbrushing them. It's a really nice mechanical contrast compared to the rest of the paint work.

The two previous posts for the Vendetta: Part 1 and Part 2.

I've also been working on painting up enough guardsman to raise a platoon of Traitor Guard and a Company Command Squad.

The squad on the left is how they will all be painted.  The six guys on the right are the Company Command Squad.  Note the Astropath in the back on the right.

Well, that's what I've been working on.  What have you been working on?


  1. Where did you get those amazing guard helmets?

    1. I got them from Spikey Bits. Secret Weapon Mini...

      and then a couple of bits from these kits thrown in...

      and finally, some more head swaps for the Company Command Squad...

      and they all get these...

      The Astropath is a mix of a bunch of stuff, too. Can't remember all the parts I cut/used for him.

    2. I have been watching the bug and am very excited with how it has turned out. Nice work and what a unique idea. Nice paintjob too. I did a double take and went back to see what it looked like before.

    3. Thanks, TJ! Yeah, I'm pretty curious as to how it will come out, too. The wings are going to be a problem due to the translucency. Doesn't look too different from the previous posts, but I'm making progress.

  2. That bug is nasty and awesome. I'm digging the airbrush job so far.

    1. Yeah, I'm getting the hang of my airbrush and it's making my hobby life waaaaaay easier. Thanks for the kind words, EoE!


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