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Bad Drawing Bat Rep 1 – Daemons vs Chaos Marines/IG

Escher Hands

by Novus

I did bring my camera this time.  I did take some pictures.  But, I forgot to take pictures after turn 2.  So, welcome to “Bad Drawing Bat Rep 1 – Daemons vs Chaos Marines/IG!”  Enjoy!

This weekend I played the all around good dude, Dillon, over at my usual haunt, Frontline Gaming.  He was of a similar skill level, which was nice for a change, because Frontline is full of highly skilled players.  If memory serves, I think he brought:
Fateweaver, Warlord
Prince of Nurgle, wings and armor, Lv 3 Psyker
18x Bloodletters
20x Daemonettes
10x Fiends of Slaanesh
20x Chaos Furies
20x Chaos Furies
10x Seekers
5x Flamers
Soulgrinder of Nurgle
Aegis with Lascannon
I brought:
Prince of Nurgle, wings and armor
Nurgle Lord, bare (Plague Marine tax)
Primaris Psyker
7x Plague Marines, 2x Plasma
7x Plague Marines, 2x Plasma
10x IG Vets, 2x Plasma
2x Relic Predator, Plasma Destructors
1x Manticore
5x Terminators, Heavy Flamer
Aegis with Quad

Mission is Big Guns, deployment is Vanguard, and Nightfight is delayed until turn 4+.  Dillon goes first.  I fail to seize.

Dillon set up his Aegis in his zone in a circle formation.  Mine I set up in a line at the farthest corner.  Neither Aegis line could target or see the other due to a large bit of LOS blocking terrain in the middle of the table.

His units are set up as far forward as possible.  They will be running to blitz me with close combat as soon as possible.  I’m castled in my far corner.  Set up so as to prevent the Flamers and Soulgrinder from Deep Striking inside my lines.

Turn 1


Dillon's fast moving force charges straight at my lines.  Lots of running and gibbering horror.


Fateweaver flies ahead and vaporizes my squad of Vets that I left out as a screen because I didn’t remember that Daemons don’t Deep Strike turn one anymore.  I basically handed him First Blood so he is up 1 to 0, points wise, in the first half of the first turn.  Bad start for me.


But, my Relic Preds, Quad gun, and Manticore kill probably 25+ of his Daemon horde at medium range as they approach!  This had a significant psychological effect and threw him on his back foot for the next few turns.  Suddenly, I didn't feel so bad about handing him First Blood.

Turn 2


The Warp Storm table was unkind and cost him some models this turn, as well.  He had a further setback when his Soulgrinder Deep Struck and mishap’ed back into the Warp, never to be seen again during this game!  His Flamers landed, though, and killed half of a Plague Marine squad with little effort.


And then, his Nurgle Prince and Fateweaver hit my lines and started tearing up my Plague Marines!  The Nurgle Prince crushed a couple of my Plague Marines then Fateweaver easily finished off the squad the Flamers crippled.  Then something Fateweaver did exploded and took out my Primaris Psyker, too!


Enter the Helbug!  She took out 8 of his models across 2 squads with a Vector Strike and some fire!  The Termies decided it wasn’t their time to arrive yet.  Damnit!


I also had some more luck with the Manticore but not so much with the Preds.  I think I took out another 10+ of his models, killing his advancing Troop choice, the Daemonettes.

My lone Nurgle Warlord scores some wounds with the Quad on Fateweaver, bringing it down to 3 wounds.

He now only has one Troop, the Bloodletters manning the Lascannon back in his castled Aegis, two handfuls of Furies, 2 Seekers, and 2 Flamers.  My Nurgle Prince jumped forward to try and finish off the flamers in close combat but just wasn’t quite able to do it.  There were two left.

Turn 3


Dillon’s Nurgle Prince continues to destroy my remaining Plague Marine squad, man by man.  Fateweaver takes out the Manticore because it’s a big killer for me vs these Daemons.  A much depleted squad of Furies attacks a Pred and causes an Imobilized!  But it’s on top of an objective, so I don’t think that’s so bad.


His last Seeker and 8 Furies assault my Nurgle Prince that is locked in combat with 2 Flamers and fail utterly to score any wounds!  The Nurgle Prince slaps two of his models down and consequently wins combat.  Dillon’s Instability rolls are unkind and the Furies and Seeker disappear back into the Warp!


My Termies finally arrive and Heavy Flamer the Bloodletters, killing 8.  The Helbug decides to help and she kills another 7.  3 remain.

In an attempt to pull both of his Princes out of my deployment zone, I decide that his two Monstrous Daemons to my one are bunk odds and my Nurgle Prince flees, zooming across the board to hopefully get some fire support from my last ground troops, the Terminators.

Turn 4

This time the Warpstorm is brutal to me and causes 2 glances and a penetrating hit on my Immobilized Relic Pred and it goes up in a flaming wreck!  Damn!  That was a scoring unit!


Dillon’s Nurgle Prince takes to the sky and chases down my Nurgle Prince.


He catches my my Nurgle Prince and kills him with skyfire Psyker powers from beyond the Warp!

Fateweaver doesn’t take the bait, unfortunately, and easily wipes my naked Warlord from the board.  Dillon is now leading with not only First Blood, but Slay the Warlord, too!

Due to a lot of Plasma Destructor shots, some Baleflamer fire, and a few Storm Eagle Rockets, there are only 9 models left on the table: My Helbug, My 5 Termies, My final Relic Pred (my only remaining scoring unit), and both of his Daemon Monsters.


Trying to get some payback, my Termies commandeer Dillon's Icarus Lascannon, target his Nurgle Prince, and force a ground check, which he fails.  The Nurgle Prince falls from the sky but is ultimately unhurt by any of the subsequent bolter fire from the squad of Terminators!

My last Relic Predator fires three plasma blasts and unbelievably scores two wounds on Fateweaver.  He’s now down to a single wound.

The Helbug leaves the battle space to come ‘round and try for a Vector Strike and some Torrent Fire.

Turn 5

The Warp Storm saps one Invulnerable save point from all units on the table.  That’s good for me!

His Nurgle Prince bugs out and zooms behind the LOS blocking terrain before my Termies can attack again.


Fateweaver psychically blasts my lone scoring unit with Flickering Fire of Tzeentch and … BOOOOOM!  Alas, my final scoring unit is dead.  At this point, the only way I can win is by getting another turn to play and wiping his last two wounded units from the table.

My Helbug comes back in from my table edge and Vector Strikes Fateweaver, scoring 3 wounds which Fateweaver ignores due to Dillon’s miraculously good rolling.


But she follows up with a giant gout of flaming bug vomit and Fateweaver the Warlord falls!

The score is now Dillon 3 (First Blood, Slay the Warlord, and Linebreaker) to my two (Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker) and out of roughly 140 models that started the game, only 7 remain on the table.  Six of those were mine!  I need the game to go one more turn AND I need that turn to go very well for me.  The outcome doesn’t look good for a win.

Dillon rolls to see if the game goes on and … no!  The game ends with a loss for me!


Though another loss in a string of recent losses, I really enjoyed this game.  It was close and we each made mistakes, each had horrible rolling, and each had some clutch rolling… Congratulations, Dillon!  A win honorably earned.  Well done!

Side Note on the Bitz Swap Event

This weekends Bitz Swap Event only had one interested party other than me show up.  Thanks for coming by Tim!  We’ll likely hold off a couple of months before we have another, which is kinda a bummer.


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    1. Good thing I got distracted and never followed the link then. Thanks for doing the recon, Robert. Nothing serious happened to your PC, right?

  2. This is what all battle reports should be like...

    1. LOL. Yeah, it started out as a bit of silliness but didn't turn out all that bad. Sorta like a comic strip. Thanks, Mattias!

  3. Thanks for the batrep, was an easy to follow read and the pictures did a great job at breaking it up. I think you're on to a winner!

    1. This silly format is actually really fun to put together, too. It's literally a page of doodles and some writing covering the highlights. I did leave out some details, though (Like what happened to the last 3 Bloodletters? Warp Storm took them! Which allowed my Termies borrow their abandoned Icarus Lascannon). Thanks also for feedback, Robert!

  4. White Dwarf ain't got nothin' on a good ol' fashioned GSI bat rep!


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