Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Possessed Landraider Conversion!

Marlon of Assault Tuesdays sent me some photos of a Chaos Landraider he recently converted using his Tentacle Makers.  Take a look at his excellent work below!

Marlon's last guest contribution, a Defiler kitbash, can be found here.

The ribs are really well done!  There's just so much going on here, it's horrifyingly awesome.

It's always great for me to see what customers have done using my tools!  If you have any Tentacle Maker work you would like to share with GSI and The World, drop me an email with links to your Photobucket (or similar) album via the GSI Contact Page or upload your photo to Facebook and tag it "Green Stuff Industries"

Thanks for sharing Marlon!  Great work!


  1. That's awesome. There's a lot going on with this but it all works and isn't overwhelming. Well done!

    This has given me an idea for a Chaos Land Raider of my own. I bought a used one that needs some work but the amount of work to make it look normal is pretty daunting. However, doing something like this instead to hide the flaws is a perfect solution.

  2. Wow what a great conversion piece. By far one of the most realistic looking chaos vehicle conversions I have seen.


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