Monday, June 23, 2014

Nurgle Bike Lord!

by Novus

Nurgle Bike Lords are the bee's knees on the table for CSM and I really wanted one that stood out so I converted up this guy!  Haven't played a game of 7th yet, but in 6th he did OK.

I have to say I really like the GW technical paints.  On this model I used Typhus Corrosion, Nurgles Rot, and Ryza Rust.  I highly recommend these three for Nurgle themed models.

I wanted to make him much bulkier than other bikers so I added the tombstone back support from the WFB Skeletons kit and that pile of trophy heads on the back.

Drilling out the exhausts and the gun barrels is such a simple but effective way to add detail, too.

The pitting on the armor is all done with a rotary tool and a ball mill.  More easy and fun details you can add!

Happy bashing!


  1. I love the model. He looks amazing. The trophy sissy bar is fantastic.

    I'd love to see some dirt or wear on those wheels though. They look clean and pristine compared to the rest of your creation!

    1. Yeah, the trophy thing came out way better than expected. I just sorta went wild with it... prime example of not being timid paying off.

      You are right, the wheels are too clean. I need to buy some Ag Earthshade along with applying some Typhus Corrosion. Thanks for pointing that out, Greg!

    2. I think reeling in creativity works for some models...such as a standard marine, or rank and file troop...but chaos lords? Go to town...ork warbosses? Sky's the limit! I think the crazier you go, the better they turn out.

      Heck you could use nurgle rot and play around with it on the wheels with some dirt, making it look like he just ran through some putrid guts. (experiment on a test model first though!)

  2. I'm going to build a new Chaos Lord of Nurgle on a bike with some biker buddies, I've been going to do it for a while, but now that 7th is here I'm really going to do it. I had a Nurgle character on bike back in 2nd Edition that I've used sporadically since but I want an extra special one. Do you use a Deamon Weapon or just a power weapon?

    1. Power fist and claw, mostly. Great combo, that one. Burning brand is good, too, if you fight a lot of hordes. Magnetize the shoulder joints and then you can try them all!

    2. Daemon weapons kill my guys all the time, btw.


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