Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Broodlord Conversion

Guest Post by Waaagh! Gear

Hello from Japan! During my latest trip to Tokyo I found a Workshop to plunder in the Nakano. After some uming and arrhing I ignored the new crater scenery, the Space Wolves codex and the three book rule set and went for the Deathstorm box set. For 16000 yen I was pleased with the value. It contained a box worth of Genestealers, three 'Nid warriors, a Carnifex, five jump pack SMs, five Terminators, a Furioso Dreadnought and two unique models as well as the mini rule book. This seems like an excellent bundle with plenty of savings overall.

I got cracking straight away with the Broodlord mini. Its pose was too hunched and non-threatening for my liking so I opened it up and used an unfortunate terminator to add some drama to the piece. I once again realized why I fear green stuff as the initial work didn't go well. However, once it cured I was able to smooth it out and tie it in with the rest of the model.

Green stuff seems to be a necessary evil if you want to modify the unique character minis as they are not so pose-able that any deviation away from the intended design leaves you with plenty of holes to fill. That said, I feel the end result was more than worth the effort of having to mix up some green.

I couldn't wait to get some paint on this one and it took less time than I thought it would to achieve a table ready finish. Four days from purchase to cabinet is good going for me. I could have labored on with a few more layers but I still have another twenty minis from that box set that have me wanting to model and paint so for now I'm happy to say the Spawn is finished.

 I'm dead happy with the overall violence of the piece. It gives zero respect for my all time favorite mini, the Terminator, which is hard to take every time I look at it and makes the Brood Lord look every bit the combat monster it is.

I have always found the Nids concept to be genuinely scary and the thought of something like them being out there in the universe is enough to make me shiver. Gotta' give credit to GW for that. Hopefully you agree that the pose does the Xeno filth credit. :)

See more of Waaagh! Gears great work on Flickr.

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  1. I lost my mind when I saw this. Awesome, awesome stuff. I am going to be all up in that Flickr!

  2. Yep! I really like the action of it. Kinda comic book cover-ish. Great work!

  3. really cool stuff :)
    I tried to do something like this myself ( ), and even now that it's too late because the work is all done, I'd say that the pose of the dead marine is to rigid.
    I solved it with a trick you could implement with wires and greenstuff.
    Just try to add trails of flying blood and entrails as I did, and your miniature will seem to be in motion.

    Even so, the mini is cool as it is :)

  4. Thanks for the positive feedback chaps. :) I'm glad that you like the work. I checked your Broodlord bud, thanks for the link. I see what you mean about the blood adding more motion. I'd definitely try that out in the future. Your torn off power fist was very gruesome ;)

    1. Thanks :)
      I used a lot of feedback too XD (so I suposed it could be useful to you)


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