Sunday, April 12, 2015

Glottkin-Based Lamprey Maulerfiend Conversion

TJ from Dark Future Games here to show off an insane conversion I made from the Glottkin arms as a base. Let's take a look:

This conversion was insanely fun and despite a little nervousness on my part (I haven't painted anything this big in a while), the model came out better than I expected. I won't take over Green Stuff Industries with a giant post about how this was painted, but I will give you a little gallery here and then a link toward the end of the article to a detailed post.

The flesh was painted using a Corrupted Flesh Tutorial I made a few years back. After the initial flesh was painted I went back and painted all of the boils and the wounded flesh.

Looking at the model from above, it really came together and the large sculpted mid section blends very well with the parts from the Glottkin.

I loved the details and the textures of this model. GW gave me a million little boils to paint, crazy veins, teeth, horns, metal and torn muscle tissue. I added some great textures as well with the cables (courtesy of the GSI Tentacle Maker, which is available at this site!) AND one very large wound ...

The gaping hole in the model's side was sculpted in layers and that really came out when it was time to paint. I got to play with all kinds of colors as I blended the wound together. It is a great way for me to highlight the amount of sculpting effort that went into this model. For a link to the conversion article, click here.

Here is a peak at the underside of the rib cage from the other side of the model.

 The tail is a great place to showcase the many textures and various types of flesh effects present in this model. Here you can see the use of many of the shades, glosses and BftBG technical paint, along with the finished product of several basic painting techniques.

All in all, the model takes a gruesome place in my Chaos Marine/ Daemon army, the Army of the Apocalypse. It has all the right elements going for it to hang with the Minotaur, the Spawngrinder and all the others! As always, your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. The full painting article for this model can be found HERE.


  1. That is equal parts terrifying and disgusting. Excellent work, man!

  2. Thanks guys! I am taking a break by freehanding the power armor on berzerkers. We will see how that goes.


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