Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Custom Lictor Conversions

by Ron Smiley

Hey guys,

Here is a pic dump from a fresh batch of three assembly-lined Lictors. I'm in to the final week before NOVA, so I'm cranking it up to eleven in an effort to be ready in time.

First Lictor (3rd overall in my army)

I cut up and reposed this guy from a Finecast model with Ravener Rending Claws. I used the tentacle maker from Green Stuff Industries to give him some unique mouth tendrils (if you haven't seen that tool, I can't recommend it highly enough). I was going for a running pose, with the Lictor closing fast on his prey.

Second Lictor (4th overall in my army)
This is a metal limited edition model that was included in a Tyranid Battleforce sold around 2005. It has retracted "preying mantis" arms, and a slightly different head (the mouth mandibles are modified, and the tendrils are posed differently). He is pretty much stock with the substitution of Ravener Rending Claws. Since this was a metal model, converting the 'standing in plain site' pose wasn't a viable option. I decided to use that pose, along with the retracted mantis arms pointed down, to try to give him a vibe that he is standing still and waiting for prey to arrive. I'll probably park this guy on backfield objectives in game.

Third Lictor (5th overall in my army)
This is a Finecast Lictor that has been reposed to be peaking around a ruined column (thank you Vidicare Assassin). He's getting ready to push off from the column and pounce. His mouth tendrils were made with the Tentacle Maker Tool as well.

Finally here is a group shot of all 5 of my finished lictors:

They will be joining Deathleaper for NOVA (who will be standing in as a fancy, but regular Lictor due to time constraints).

Thanks for checking these out! I hope these will inspire you guys with your own Lictor and Tyranid projects, I know I've gotten so much inspiration checking out work on the web from others (Hive fleet Moloch, The Tyranid Hive). Eventually I will be converting a 6th Lictor to round out the bunch, and I have several other Tyranid conversions that I will be posting in the coming months (probably after NOVA).

Keep fighting the good fight against your own grey tide!

Novus: That's some amazing work, Ron!  Thanks for sharing!

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  1. Ron's stuff is incredible. I was so glad I was able to see it in person at Nova!

    1. His color scheme is awesome, too! Thanks for commenting, Greg!

  2. Awesome work!! I've always wanted to convert a Lictor to make it appear as if it's charging. I pictured it running on all fours like the aliens sometimes did in the Ridley Scott Alien movies.


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