Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Recent Tentacle Maker Work

Just thought I should share some great Tentacle Maker work that was forwarded to me by some of my customers.

Goatboy sent me a couple of photos (above and below) of a Khorne conversion he did recently (Obliterator, maybe?) that looks amazing!  The Tentacle Maker hoses are on the back.

Another great WIP Great Unclean One or Chaos Spawn was linked to me on Facebook from Marvin Washington on the 40k for Grown Ups group.  I really like the inclusion of the novelty teeth.  This thing is going to beautifully horrific!

Green Stuff Industries also got a brief mention from the Grumpy Old Tin blog.  He's doing some stunning work on an Ork Dred.  Go take a look!

If you have any work you'd like GSI to highlight, please feel free to let me know via the GSI Contact Page.  I'd be happy to see it!

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