Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Khornate Chaos Lord Kit Bash Finished!

Front Pack

by Rich K.

I posted the WIP of this guy about a week ago and for some reason just hammered out the painting over the last few days.  I think he came out really well and is probably one of the top 3 models I think I’ve ever painted.

Sadly, the photography didn’t work out well… I think because of all the red/purple under the blue-ish LED lighting I use.  Or maybe it's a bad background?

He’s bashed from 4 different kits: Bloodletter Daemons, Standard Chaos Space Marines, DA Scourges and CSM Possessed.

Back Pack

I tried to pull off some zenithal highlights, which sort of worked, I think.  His upward facings are generally lighter than his under bits.

GW Scab Red (base coat) to Wicked Flat Red to GW Blood Red is the color scheme for the armor.  Most all of the upper faces are Blood Red.  All the edging on the armor is GW Bronze.  The washes I used were Nuln Oil (which I really like a lot over Badaab Black) and Baal Red.

On the under wings it was based in Scab with the ribs touched with a bit of Blood.  The in-between sections were Bleached Bone with Leviathan Purple wash over the whole thing.  I intentionally left the brush strokes in as I think they add some nice texture.

I must have painted his stupid sword about 5 different times.  There’s probably 20+ coats of paint on it.  I just couldn’t get it to look like it did in my mind.  Anyway, it’s probably my least favorite part of the model but I do like how the yellow and white just pops off the purple of the wings.

Unfortunately, that particular contrast doesn’t come out in the photo below.  The purple of the under wings just seems to throw the whole model off when I take a photo.  Very odd.

Front Wings

This is also the first time I’ve used a non-GW base.  It’s one of two bases I got in the Bay Area Open swag bag, it’s from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

Up until yesterday I thought buying these fancy bases was just a waste of money.  After using it, I can say they sure do make it easy to give your model a unique thing to stand on.  I don’t think I would buy these bases for troops, but for your HQs and maybe Elites, definitely.  It gives them a way to stand out, so to speak, from the crowd.

Wings Back

I dumbed down the Eye Of Error - How To Paint Bat Wings tutorial for the inside of the wings.  Not as much detail as Ronnie’s, but I still think they came out pretty well.  They absolutely look fantastic compared to what I would have done were I left to do them on my own.  I may dip back into them and add the veins and such in the near future.  All the detail, such as it is, gets washed out by the camera… either the reds end up too dark or the under-wings texture smooths out.  Bummer.

Wings Side

And wow does magnetizing these things make painting them easier!  You can reach all the tight spaces.  I wouldn’t do it for every model, but if you pick and choose correctly, it will help you make the ones that need to be the best better.

Is it just me or is red very hard to photograph?  Anyone who may have some tips on snapping red models please feel free to post them below.  Thanks!


  1. Looks awesome, Rich!

    What do you use to photograph your models?

    1. Thanks Myles! I use a Coolpix L22 digital. Seems to work really well except in this one case. I read somewhere that red is not a great color for digitals.

  2. It's not a bad camera by any stretch, but what kind of lighting and backdrop do you use?

    1. Backdrop is a medium-dark grey t-shirt and my lighting is not very pro: flourescent magnifier light (at top of model) and the "white" LED bar from my magnifier visor (at front of model) a few posts back.

      I was thinking I might redo the pics but go with a white backdrop... worked really well for my "Plague Marines - Part The Second" post from a few months ago. Those pics came out great!

  3. To enhance the reds, you may want to consider a white-to-bluish gradient sweep if you have a color printer. Otherwise, white works very well. I've found that light bulbs that simulate daylight are the best for taking pictures with a digital camera and give the "truest" photo, color-wise.

    1. I'll switch to white backdrop and see if I can find some daylight bulbs... would Home Depot have them?

  4. The Home Depot should, I got mine at Lowes, though. If there's a walmart in your area, they should have them as well.


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