Sunday, August 26, 2012

Apoc Game at Frontline – Bat Rep

by Rich K

Last Saturday there was an all-comers Apocalypse game, run by the famed Reece, over at Frontline Gaming.  I saw their bat rep on the last one they held and decided to give Apoc a chance.

Each person was to bring 1000 points of army, no FOC required, three color minimum, and a free superheavy, if you had one (which I didn't).  I brought:
1x Khorne Lord, Daemonic Weapon and Melta-Bombs
9x Blootletters with a Champ with a power weapon
1x Dreadclaw
1x Predator with TL Las and Bolter Sponsons
3x Oblitorators
3x Oblitorators
We estimated that all the forces that ultimately hit the table came to about 25,000 points!  There was also a great big fortress that Jeremy brought.  This ended up being the defenders main base.

It was an attacker/defender mission and the Forces of Order were the defenders.  They just had to survive the game, i.e. have one troop model in any surviving section of the base when the game randomly ends on turns 5+.  The Forces of Order consisted of:
  • Eldar
  • Necrons
  • Imperial Guard
  • Tau
  • Space Marines of various Flavors
The Forces of Disorder just needed to destroy the base and it's occupants at all costs.  The Forces of Disorder were:
  • Orks (lots of these)
  • Chaos Space Marines
  • Tyranids
  • Dark Eldar
There were three wrinkles for the attackers:
  • The defenders had a shield projector that gave everything on and including the base a 4++ save.  This shield defaulted to “on” unless the attackers had a troop unit within 3” of the uncontested projector.
  • The attackers auto-misshaped when deep striking within 12” of the base, unless they could hold the secondary Sky Shield uncontested.
  • The defenders can Reserve whatever they want and choose when it arrives, and from where: random table edge or the base’s Sky Shield.
There were wrinkles for the defenders, too:
  1. Destroyed attacking whole-units can come back in the game the following turn, excluding HQs and Superheavies.  Unlimited units!
  2. Defending units stay dead.
I’m not going to go into a complete rundown on the game, as Reece does a great job in the video below.  I just really wanted to share some of the pictures I took.

These are some of the superheavies used during the game.


The base with IG, Eldar, Necrons, and some Tau, I think.

My Predator and my Oblits inside a loaned Stormlord!

My right flank with a bunch of CSM!  Take that platform!

There were A LOT of Orks and tons of Kans.

Some of the highlights of the game.  They are mostly in order (I think).

Lots of Orks fall to the Baneblade.

My Berzerkers take the shield projector!  The shield is down!  The shield is down!

The lone Siege Dread on the platform killed something like 2000 points on his own before he was taken out.  I want that guy on my side next time!

Genestealers clambering up the wall to get the marines.  Marines, we are leaving!

Ethan places his scratchbuild pylon.

The fliers begin to arrive.

Vendettas attack the Stompas!

A Stompa gets wrecked by Vendettas.

Fliers abound late in the game.

The Eldar come in from reserve and mess some stuff up!

The Eldar Revenant is close to the base and very damaged!  It gets taken down in a large explosion which helps to kill parts of the fortress!

Soooo many models!

The Dreadclaw drops off some of my fellow CSM player's Zerks in a bid to take the platform.

My two single-man Oblit squads get close enough to punch the Skyshield!

Keno's obligatory mugshot.

I had a blast playing this giant game and I will definitely be there next month.  I'm sorry I couldn't give a better idea of the heroics that happened at the other side of the table, but there was just too much going on.  I'm really considering buying a Brass Scorpion now... That thing would look really amazing on a table like this!

 I'm not going to spoiler the ending, but I will tease you and say that it came down to my Oblits charging the skyshield (Armor 14!) and attempting to punch its final HP for the win on turn 7!


  1. Looks like it was a ton of fun. The 1k point limit was an excellent decision for a game with that many people. In my experience, the more people in an Apoc game, the longer it drags. I've been in games that go all of two turns in 15 hours!

    1. The other thing that I think helped was that Reeces just sort of said "turn 2 move!" and everyone moved simulatneously then "turn 2 attack!" and it all happened willy-nilly, and the same for the assault phase. I have no idea about anything that happened at the other side of the table... it was complete chaos during the turns!

    2. Thanks for loaning my zerkers your sweet sweet dreadclaw blood for the blood God my friend!

    3. You are welcome, Mercutioh! I'm working on a half dozen termies for the next Apoc game and maybe I'll buy a Brash Scorp... lotta money though. See you at the next one, sir!


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