Friday, August 10, 2012

This Week’s WIPs


by Rich K.

I’ve suspended my 40k purchasing in anticipation of the starter box.  I almost dropped a lot of dough a few times on a small IG army… I’d really like to add some traitors to my CSM but if the upcoming starter box comes with cultists, what’s the point?  So, I’m currently squeezing all I can out of the bits I have.  I wanted a big impressive Khorne Lord to lead my Berzerkers.  Hence, this guy…

 KL Side

I’ve been working on him these passed two nights.  I’m currently on the basecoat stage, as you can see.  He’s magnetized at the shoulders and the backpack so I can have him roll with my Berzerkers, my Raptors, or with the Deamons I’m starting to collect… Just switch out the arms and pack!

 KL Pack

He’s bits bashed from three different kits: Standard CSM box, Bloodletters, and Possessed.  There’s also a bit of green stuff in there to tie it all together.

KL Wings

I need to put more work in painting the wings.  Not super happy with the way the spray blend came out on the underside.  I think I need to use a smaller nozzle and thinner paint… almost a glaze like coating.

KL Front 


I finally (mostly) finished my Dreadclaw this week, too.  Not because I think it is done, but because if don’t call it done, it’ll never be done.  I tried to freehand some cuneiform lettering on the wings but that didn’t work out so I just painted over them.

DC 1

It would have been cool if I could have gotten the lettering on each wing to be uniform: one wing was very angular, the other curvy, and the next fatter… it was really weird.  It was like I had different handwriting depending on which day I painted the things.  It was basically 5 hours down the drain and the main reason I’m calling it “done.”  If I want to add other things (which I do), I’ll add them later.  It’s good enough for the table top at present.  I need some distance.

 DC 2

I haven’t gotten a game in in almost a month!  I’ve been to Frontline twice and both times all the tables were occupied.  That’s not such a big deal as I’m on another losing streak again.  I can’t wait for the new codex!  I need more options!


  1. Nice conversions with the bloodletters! Love the finished dropped too.

    1. Thanks, Lucky! BTW, I'm trying to figure out how to use your wing painting tutorial with the blood red/bleached bone scheme I have going. Any suggestions?


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