Thursday, October 4, 2012


So I was supposed to get the latest shipment of Tentacle Makers hand-delivered from Carson City, Nevada last night.  My machinist was delivering a machine to another customer in my area and was going to travel 3 hours out of his way to deliver them.  Well....

We met at my work last night so he could hand over the goods.  He opened his trunk to pull out the boxes and found that he'd left them at home.

So, I won't have any complete sets until next week.  I still have SAW-050 and VEX-040 on hand, but no SAW-020.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience.


Does anyone else out there have a simliar "Oops!" story related to gaming?


  1. I once went out for a game, and left the unit cards at home.... :/

    Yeah, oops.

  2. I've cleaned out my XBOX controller and forgotten to put the buttons back in. It's really hard to use without buttons.

  3. I once ran the largest miniature wargaming company in the world, but when I went to hire a new game designer, I hired Mat Ward.


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