Monday, September 16, 2013

Bitz Event Is A (Late) Success!

by Novus

The Frontline Gaming and Green Stuff Industries Bitz Swap Event was a tardy success!

I showed up at Frontline to get a game in before the event and ended up winning (a big surprise for me) against Keno and his Noise Marines, triple Chaos Lord on Bikes with the "look-out-sir" Spawn Deathstar, and dual Heldrake list.  Keno is a great guy, but the lists he builds are a pain in the ass to play against.

I played to the objectives (BAO scenario 3)...

  • Scenario 3: The Relic (4pts) and Big Guns Never Tire (3pts): Vanguard Strike Deployment. There are always 4 objectives for Big Guns Never Tire. See scenario guidelines. - See more here.
... and basically ignored the Drakes and his Bike Lords while concentrating on killing his Troops and his Spawn.  By the end of it, his three 10-man Noise marine squads and his 5-man Plague Marine unit were vapor, as were his spawn.  I had a few wounds on his super buff lords, too.

I showed up with 5 scoring units (2 squads of 7 Plaguers and an entire IG Platoon), 2 relic predators with plasma destructors, my Plague Bike Lord, a Company Command Squad with Astropath, the obligatory Heldrake, and a squad of kit bashed Blight Drones.  I only lost 1 Relic Pred, an IG squad, 6/7 of a PM squad, the Command Squad, and my Heldrake.  One Drone was immobilized while in Hover mode but it was still able to shoot at some Noise Marines.  Also, My lord spent most of the game staying out of his Tri-Lord Deathstar's way.

By the way, Blight Drones ARE THE BOMB!  The unit was 450pts (expensive) but there is so much firepower and resilience in it that it's really hard to argue with them.  I think they killed near 800 points of stuff.  Those things won the game for me.  The Relic Preds did OK, but not near the damage output of the Drones.

I had some crappy rolling in the beginning and he had his usual amazing rolling.  But as the game went on, that swapped around to him having only average rolling and me making some clutch dice throws.  For once, the dice saved me!

Final result: I had the relic (+4 points via the final PM who weathered a storm of fire and fury atop the building the relic was on) and both of my Big Guns objectives (+3 points), plus First Blood (+1 point).  We both scored Line Breaker (+1 each).  I was victorious with 8 points to Keno's 1.

Unfortunately, I forgot to start taking pictures until the Bitz Event started.  It was a great game!  Thanks, Keno!

When 5:20 rolled around, Keno and I where in the bottom of the 4th turn and no one had showed for the Bitz Swap yet, so we just kept playing.  We finished at about 6:00 and, seeing as no one was there yet to swap bitz, went to go get some dinner.

20mins later, when we brought our food back, there were 8 people there wondering what happened to the swapping!  "Did we miss it?"  So Keno and I gobbled our food and began trading.

There wasn't enough room inside so to avoid a problem with Fire Marshall Bill we had to do most of the trading out in front of the store.

I forget this guys name, but he is hilarious!  Sadly, he needed Space Marine stuff and we were almost exclusively Chaos players or N00bs with very little to trade.

That's Keno, with the pony tail, driving a hard bargain.

About midway through, Pascal, another buddy of mine from Fontline, just handed me a bag of 5 Chaos Terminators and said "You're a good guy, Rich, have some Terminators."  They are built, magnetized, and base coated!  Again, thanks a bunch, Pascal!

Instead of going from 5-7, it was more like 7-9 for the trading.

Some of the walk-ins (this means you, Tim's Crew) that didn't know the event was going on made sure they would be informed the next time one came up.  My bad, Tim.  I'll work it out with Reece and Frankie and post it ASAP!

All in all, I came out with some great bitz, a hard fought win, and I got to hang out all day with my gaming friends.  A fine day, indeed.

Disclaimer: no bitz were sold by Frontline.  Frontline only provided the meeting place for the event.  Bitz were only traded between private citizens.

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