Friday, January 10, 2014

Farewell to the Old Bugs! Double Header Bat Rep!

Wednesday I got a friendly game (second game in the video) in against Geoff “InControl” Robinson over at Frontline.  The video is part of two games Geoff played against Frankie and his Deldar and then me and my Chaos/IG.  I had a run of crappy rolling: min rolls and a scatter off the table for my Manticore rockets, Night Fight didn't help, and I failed quite a few saves I should have made (how does my Biker lord get wounded by an exploding tank?  WTF?!?).

I did also have small streaks of good luck: my Helbug grounded his Flyrant and then the Quad finished it off, my Biker lord Murdered the Doom, my Termies lasted far longer than they should have (which was not such a good thing, in hindsight, as the Swarmlord was at normal strength due to a perils.  I could have scored a Slay the Warlord for that one).

I have to say, I'm not sad the Doom is doomed.  It would have been a much closer game had that unit not been part of his army.  Though, the Murder Sword works pretty damned well against him.  I included the Murder Sword in my build just to try it out and it does have its uses.  Very specific uses, mind you.

Also, I'm switching out the Termies (though I love them) for a second Heldrake for the LVO.  Hopefully, that will help me not get walked on in every game I play.  It also frees up some points for some other fun upgrades.

It was a fine game and I did better than expected.  I played well but the dice were generally against me... what can you do?  Good luck at the T-Shift Open, guys!


  1. Can't say I'm sad to see ol' Doom go either, what a pain!

    1. Yeah, in two turns it took out 4 units. And all for just 90 points! Losing the spore drop pods was a bit much, I think. Now CSM may not be the limpest codex around anymore. Poor hungry bastards.


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