Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Painting Table Top Quality Figs - Video Tutorial

Guest Post by Thor

Thor over at Creative Twilight has made this great video tutorial of his process for quickly and effectively painting figures to a table top quality standard.  It's a fast and simple and gets the job done very well... a great way to get your figs painted ASAP!  Give it a look.

Go give his blog a look, too!  There are some great posts.  Hopefully, in the near future Thor will be giving us some more of his hobby wisdom.  Thanks, Thor!


  1. I know this wasn't the greatest video and I could stand to say "Umm" a bit less (OK, a lot), but hopefully it was helpful to some of the newer painters out there.

    1. No worries, Thor! There is some great information in there. Thanks, again!


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