Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Liebster Awards!

Over the weekend I got Liebstered!  Jugger, over at Juggers Garage listed me as one of the award recipients, which is pretty damned cool!

GSI has reached an amazing 219k hits!

So here's the deal with the Liebster Awards.

  1. Copy and paste the award on your blog linking it to the blogger who has given it you.
  2. Pass the award to your top 11 blogs with less than 200 followers by leaving a comment on one of their posts to notify them that they have won the award and listing them on your own blog.
  3. Sit back and bask in the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with knowing you have made someone's day!
  4. There is no obligation to pass this onto someone else but it is nice if you take the time to do so.

Now that you know the rules, here are my 11 blogs under 200 followers I am giving a Liebster to. These are all quality sites you should be checking out daily!

  1. Jugger's Garage
  2. Atomic Warlords
  3. There Is Only War
  4. Miasma of Pestilence
  5. Power Armored Metal
  6. Thirst and Rage
  7. Rusty Robot
  8. Victory Painting
  9. Assault Tuesdays
  10. Table Ready Painting
  11. Midwest Monster Lab

And here are my answers to the Liebster Questions:

1. Why did you start blogging? Two reasons: as a promotional platform (free website!) for the fledgling Green Stuff Industries/Tentacle Makers and as a way to keep me motivated and cranking out models.  I've just gotten into Dropzone Commander so I'm curious as to how that will effect my content output.

2. If you could change one thing about the wargaming hobby, what would it be?  I'd try to make it more affordable for all.

3. What is best in life? Making fun stuff.

4. Do you want to live forever?  Nope.  I want to respawn.

5. Fame or Fortune?  Fortune would yield more utility, I think.  Fortune it is!

6. What miniature are you most proud of having painted? The Helbug.  Hands down, that was the most fun I've had building and painting a model.

7. How do you deal with burn out?  I'm just now starting to feel it.  That's why I'm switching to DzC.  I'm also trying to build some good quality 40k terrain.  I'm super tired of getting my head kicked in by all the other non-CSM 6th ed codices.  That aspect of the game really is starting to make me ask "What's the point of building this model?  It's just not going to help."  Or, I could just be a suck player, I suppose!  Maybe all that Daemon summoning stuff will help?  Let's hope.

8. Why is a raven like a writing desk? Forty two.

9. Star Wars or Star Trek?  Star Wars.  TNG killed Trek for me.  Too much, "Let's just reverse the polarity of the warp coils and everything will be OK!"  No balls in TNG.  Though I quite liked Enterprise.  Except for that God-Awful theme music.  Having bad theme music will kill a series dead.  Look at Firefly.  Seriously bad theme music... and dead long before it's time.

10. If you could only buy from one miniature company from now on, which would it be?  GW, I suppose.  But I'd rather buy from a GAME COMPANY than a miniature company.

11. Favorite takeout? Philly Cheese Steaks!

And lastly, 11 truths...
  1. I played bass in a rock band for 20 years.
  2. I'm good with animals.
  3. My dice rolling is horrendous.  I need a game where low values are best.
  4. Green Stuff Industries is the first job that doesn't feel like work.
  5. I was an art student during my first try at college.
  6. I used to scratch build and program robots for fun.
  7. I can't cook to save my life.  I'd burn water if not carefully supervised.
  8. I've been published... in print!  An article for a robotics magazine back in '04.
  9. I've read LOTR and The Hobbit probably 20+ times.
  10. Close Encounters of the Third Kind is nearly a perfect movie.  Jaws is a perfect movie.
  11. War is stupid.  Buuuut, playing war with little plastic men is really godamned fun!


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