Friday, May 1, 2015

Lictor Pose Conversion


By Ron Smiley

Hey everyone!

Ron here with the Facing The Grey Tide blog and today I'm posting a Lictor pose conversion I'm working. I'm running Lictorshame like all the other bandwagoneers these days, and I don't want to settle for 6 with the same identical "I'm hiding in plain sight" stance. So this is the beginning of my journey to create 6 individualized Lictors in all sorts of dynamic, stalker-ish poses (Lictors in the fluff are big time creepers hiding in the bushes and whatnot, not standing straight up in the open with jazz hands). I hope these posts inspire some crazy Lictor conversions of your own!

The first step for most of my pose conversions is to find some source art (or create my own basic sketch) that captures the feel I'm going for. The codex art for the Lictor entry caught my eye for my first conversion.

This guy is crouched, ready to pounce, eyes fixated on his prey - how a real Lictor should be. Time to grab my finecast Lictor, artwork, and get to work.

As bad as finecast quality sometimes is, it really is great for conversions. It would be extremely difficult to accomplish this conversion with a metal mini. The green stuff is already out for the conversion too, so filling bubbles isn't that big of a hassle, and I've already got hot water out to bend stuff (back) in to the shape I want.

The first step was to cut the legs up at each of the joints, then pin them together at different angles to accomplish the crouching pose. I tidied up the joints afterwards with green stuff.  

I then did the same with the upper joint of the "preying mantis" arms. 

I used some hot water to bend the tail slightly, dunking it in cold water after each bend to try and shock the resin into the new form. You can see the slight bend in the picture below, along with the top of a Landraider sponson flame weapon that is moonlighting as a scenic piece of debris.

I added the feeder tube for a razorback's lascannon, as well as carving off the top of the same lascannon for another battlefield debris element.

Next up, I green stuffed some tentacles using the Green Stuff Tentacle Maker Tool Box from Green Stuff Industries (check it out here). I have had my eye on that tool for a while now, and these Lictor conversions were the final push I needed to go ahead and pick it up. It's great, and super easy to use. I layered the tentacles on to a brass pin in a circle and ended up with the mildly converted mouth tendrils below:

Finally I used some Ravener plastic rending claws in place of the 4th edition oven mitts. I like the updated look of the Ravener claws, and feel like they are a great fit for the model. Here are some finished shots:

Stay tuned for my next conversion:

Thanks for reading!

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