Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My Latest Dropzone Scatter Terrain

by Novus

I just finished some more of the 10mm Dropzone Commander scatter terrain.  This barricade was something I've wanted to do for awhile, but didn't have the ballz to try it until two weeks ago.  I really wasn't too confident in my 10mm sandbag sculpting abilities but it was actually pretty easy (short tutorial forthcoming).

I had six extra Alexander rear drive sections laying around (don't ask) so I wanted to incorporate one into some terrain.

These things are great for providing minor cover within long fire lanes!

This Scourge Invader was part of one of some of the swag I got at the LVO.  I just thought it would be cool to depict a disabled transport that crashed into some old cars.  It could be terrain or it could be a Focal Point, too!

Scourge pretty much paint themselves.  They take dry brushing and washes amazingly well.

I think removing the windows on the cars (where possible) really drives home the abandoned look.  Glass shouldn't last long with an invasion going on.

All these vehicles are N scale stuff I bought off of Amazon.  I got two of these trucks for like $8.00.

Of all the 10mm weathering I've done, I think this truck is the best, so far.

Someone at EndGame asked me how I did the weathering on my cars.  First, I start with the base color, which could be the car as I bought it or it could be a spray primer I applied.  If I primed them, I'd do a quick dry brush of a standard automobile color.  Nothing fancy, just something to suggest that it was a color other than rust at some point during its life.

Once there is a starting color for the car I dry brush an orange-rust color (GW Ryza Rust) across the entire vehicle, making sure to that some of the original color still shows.  When the light color has dried, I dry brush a darker rust color (Reaper Mini Rust Brown) over that, making sure not to completely cover the orange rust or the original color.

 Lastly, I muck it all up with GW Typhus Corrosion which is an amazing tool for weathering.  If you don't have it, get it!

My buddy Jay and I used them during a 2k point game last weekend and they added some flavor to the game and decent cover to a few of our units.  Pre-game photos below...

These three now join my first effort, the wrecked bus from a few months back.  I'm currently working on another bit of Focal Point terrain, a crashed Heli, that I'm hoping to have done in the next couple of weeks.  Again, a short post on simple 10mm sandbags is coming up, too!

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  1. Beautiful work! What a lovely piece!

    1. Thanks, Greg! I'm getting burnt on strictly painting my armies so I needed to do something different. Terrain is great for breaking a rut.


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