Monday, May 11, 2015

Nurgle Daemon Prince Conversion WIP

A while ago I inherited this pretty amazing War Gamma Maggot King from Frontline Gaming in Martinez, CA.  I had no clear idea what to do with it when Frankie handed it to me.  But upon hearing the Nurgle Daemonkin rumors, it started calling to me from the shelf.

I spoke to Mr. Dandy, the sculptor, at the last LVO and he told me that he used Tentacle Maker SAW-050 tubes as a basis for the mouth tentacles.  The spacing is right, but I can't see any correlation due to all the extra sculpting he did over them.

It's a really impressive model.  Lots of detail and it comes with a sculpted resin base, two heads, and lots of weapon options (not pictured at all for some reason, sorry)!

In my first concerted effort to do a model "right" I've take the time to try and find all the mold lines and smooth them out as best I can, as well as fill in the part seams.  I've been largely successful but have more work to do.

I thought it really needed wings.  Luckily, I had some Nid wings sitting around from one of the Bitz Swap nights from last year.

Since I travel with my armies (like to the LVO) I've started magnetizing every large assembly that relies on a single joint holding it to the model, i.e. wings and large weapons.

I did a rough approximation of my Heldrake Magnetization process and it worked out very well.

I'll likely come up with some gross attachments to cover the shoulder magnets in case I want to use him without the wings.

There are some great details on this model, like the faces in the hide, the cracks, and the horns.

I'm also going to be adding some detail by way of some 40k upgrades... but I don't know what those will be, yet.

The weapon is massive and holds a great amount of detail, as well.  I haven't yet permanently attached it to the model because I'm not sure if I should try to magnetize it or rely on the strength of the metal pins and resin.

It's actually quite a large model and will make a stunning centerpiece unit.  That 40k Plague Marine is a custom one I did a couple years ago and is actually a bit bigger than your standard marine.

Now, let's hope that the Nurgle Daemonkin book is worth me switching back to 40k, if only for a short time.

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  1. When you turned the model around my jaw dropped. Holy !@$(&!$(&)@!$ DI&)(!$!)!

    1. Yeah, that model is pretty bad ass. War Gamma did a great job with the original sculpt. I'm really looking forward to adding some of my own flavor. Thanks, Greg!


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