Thursday, May 7, 2015

Achievement Unlocked - Retail!

Due to a robust Dropzone Commander community, I've recently started spending my Tuesday nights at the excellent FLGS, EndGame, over in Oakland, CA.  I ended up bringing some of my Destroyed Structure markers for folks to use at their quarterly DzC tournament.  Never pass up a chance to do some marketing!

Long story short, Mike (one of the owners) and Chris (another of the owners) thought it would be cool if they stocked some of my products.  I agreed and now you can buy Tentacle Maker Tool Boxes, Omni-Templates, Embossing Styli, etc. in Oakland!  No postage necessary!

 And just a week later the Omni-Template space is empty!

I'd given up breaking into retail last year so it's really amazing that it just sort of happened!

Are you in the Oakland area?  Want to visit a very cool game store with tons of gaming space and GSI products on the shelf?  Stop by EndGame!

The Deal

Also, if you think your FLGS may be interested in GSI products, ask them to contact me via the GSI Contact page and have them include your name in that email.  If they place a minimum first order of $100.00, I'll set you up with $25.00 worth of GSI store credit.  Of course, this applies once per store and only to their first order (so EndGame is no longer an option).


  1. Congrats! That's pretty awesome. I find that's just how life works, the moment you stop trying is when you succeed.

  2. Major major major congratulations!!! Very happy for you!

  3. Thanks, Myles! Maybe l can get some of your designs in there, too!


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